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Read More Store closed by coronavirus? Switch to Online mode! 16 April, 2020 0 Comments coronacrisis, Keyboost, SEO. Companies are currently struggling, only those with an online presence are able to continue their activities. For 20 years, iPower has been helping companies to improve their visibility in and transition to the online world. In times of corona, it is a perfect moment for companies that can perform their activities online, to make the. Read More Shop closed by corona measures experiences top sales. 9 April, 2020 0 Comments coronacrisis, Keyboost, SEO. Companies are currently struggling, only those with an online presence are able to continue their activities. For 20 years, iPower has been helping companies to improve their visibility in and transition to the online world. In times of corona, it is a perfect moment for companies that can perform their activities online, to make the. Read More The ever stricter policy of Google Ads and what you can do about it. 3 March, 2020 0 Comments SEA, SEO. We wanted to alert you that one or more of your ads or keywords have been disapproved.
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19 August, 2019 0 Comments The secrets of Google unraveled! Three content-based webpage elements that are of lesser importance Alt-information, small and meta keywords are less important for Google but are nevertheless worth considering when writing optimised web pages. Alt-information When it comes to images, videos and other objects, Google can only assess their relevance through the alt-information given to these. read more The body text, the actual content. 12 August, 2019 0 Comments The secrets of Google unraveled! The body text, the content of your website that makes the difference Google determines the relevance of the main text of a webpage based on the keywords used in a search. Use the most important keywords in your text, but not too often, else Google might identify your webpage as spam and will allot. read more Headers. 5 August, 2019 0 Comments The secrets of Google unraveled! Headers, eye-catchers and structure reinforcers The headerson your webpage make up thetitles and subtitlesabove text paragraphs. They are located between header tags h1…/h1, h2…/h2, h6…/h6 and form a hierarchy: the header between h1 tags is the most important.
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There are a lot of different possibilities, and what Google shows can also depend on what it knows about the searcher the country they live in, for example. How high each result ranks is determined by Googles algorithm. And although parts of Googles algorithm remain secret, years of experience in SEO have given us insight into the most important ranking factors. These ranking factors can be divided into two categories.: On-page SEO factors. The ranking of your pages is partly determined by on-page factors. On-page SEO factors are all the things on your website that you have a direct influence on. These factors include technical aspects e.g. the quality of your code and site speed and content-related aspects, like the structure of your website or the quality of the copy on your website.
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Get the Latest. daily news and insights about search engine marketing, SEO and paid search. Why were hardwired to believe SEO myths and how to spot them. Industry Why were hardwired to believe SEO myths and how to spot them. 1m Jonas Sickler. How to avoid SEO penalties in algorithm-stricken industries.
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Google has now become the go-to place for answers to anything and everything. Making sure that your brand appears on page one of Google is a key objective for most businesses. We can help you to understand the search landscape and your customers, ensuring that you focus on the right keywords and deliver relevant messages that not only resonate with your audience but compliment your search activity, so your customers find you first and not your competitors.Take a look below to find out more aboutour approach to search engine optimisation, or if you just fancy a chat to get your head around what you need then drop the teaman email or give us a call on 01212 969 934. 1.Understand the Data. Before jumping into SEO, its important to take the time to get to grips with who youre targeting, what content they consume, what keywords they use in their searches and to take stock of how well your website is communicating with Google.
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Other ways to promote your website. Include your URL on leaflets/flyers/publications. Use social media. Include your URL in email signatures. Circulate your URL on relevant mailing lists. In this section. Web Style Guide Homepage. Writing for the Web. Tone of Voice. Search Engine Optimisation.
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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It involves optimising a website to improve that websites rank and visibility within search engines organic results. This involves both technical, and on-page optimisations. Crawlable - Make sure the site is easily accessible so search engines can actually crawl the site.
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For important pages on your site, what you want to see is a graph like this.: The reason it makes more sense to pay attention to traffic over keyword rankings is that many pages rank for thousands of keywords. And they often get traffic from many of these keywords-not just one. Knowing how search engines work and the attributes theyre looking for when ranking content is crucial when trying to create content that ranks. That said, search engine algorithms change all the time and theres no guarantee that whats important today will still be important next year. Dont let that panic you. Generally speaking, the important things stay consistent over time. Factors like backlinks, authority, and matching search intent have been critical factors for many years-and theres no sign of that changing any time soon. Looking to learn more about SEO? Check out our SEO tutorial. Leave a comment or ping me on Twitter. In the previous version of this post, we asked 40 SEO industry experts to define SEO.
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For example, Google has over 200 ranking factors in their algorithm. In most cases, when people think search engine optimization, they think Google SEO. Which is why were going to focus on optimizing your site for Google in this guide. Search engine result pages are separated into two distinct sections: organic and paid results. Organic Search Results. Organic search results sometimes referred to as natural results are natural results that rank based 100 on merit. In other words, theres no way to pay Google or other search engines in order to rank higher in the organic search results. Search engines rank the organic search results based on hundreds of different ranking factors. But in general, organic results are deemed by Google to be the most relative, trustworthy, and authoritative websites or web pages on the subject. I have more details on how search engine algorithms work later on. But for now, the important thing to keep in mind is.: When we talk about SEO, were talking about ranking your website higher up in the organic search results. Paid search results are ads that appear on top of or underneath the organic results.
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Google usually determines desktop and mobile rankings by assessing the mobile versions of pages, so its not enough to have a good desktop experience only. Here are some easy ways to improve a pages speed.: Compress images, since large file sizes will increase load time. Fix redirect chains by removing unnecessary redirects see section on redirects. Optimise your pages code by removing unnecessary html and JavaScript. About The Thread. Who we are. About the Digital Experience programme. About internal communications. Using our brand. Requests and feedback. Well always do our best to action requests straightaway, however, response times will depend on the complexity of the task. Make a request. Read our Support Policy." Designed and managed by the Digital Experience Team at Renfrewshire Council. Who we are. Using our brand. Templates to use. Writing style guide. Writing for Web Accessibility on our CMS GOSS. SEO Search Engine Optimisation.
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This means unique content and design. Work on building relationships with your audience. Its more important than ever. Plus, search engines love engaged audiences and reward websites that build this type of response with higher rankings. Then, there are the nuts and bolts of getting your website to rank well. Aside from in-depth strategies, there are things you can do that don't' require spending a huge amount of expense or time, including the following.: Create mobile-friendly websites. Mobile audiences are increasing by leaps and bounds, and websites need to accommodate smaller screens. Research keywords carefully. Keyword research is perhaps your biggest priority for SEO. The key is to select relevant keywords for your industry that have a high monthly search volume and a low SEO difficulty score. Online keyword research tools will be your biggest asset; tools such as and Provide exceptional content. Content remains king of the online world and comes in many forms, including audio, video, and written content. By including the right content on your site that is informative, reliable, and unique, you can get the search engine love you desire.
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A query like this usually generates so many ads because theres a strong chance that the searcher is looking to buy shoes online, and there are lots of shoe companies willing to pay for a feature in the AdWords results for this query. On the other hand, if you search for something like Atlanta Falcons, your results will be different. Because this search is mostly tied to the professional American football team by that name, the top results relate to that. But its still a less clear query. Youll find news stories, a knowledge graph, and their homepage. These 3 kinds of results at the top indicate that Google doesnt know the precise intention of your search, but provides quick pathways to learn about the team, read their latest news, or go to their website. Since there appears to be no purchase intent behind the query, advertisers are not willing to bid for the keyword, so there are no AdWords results. However, if you change the query to Atlanta Falcons hat, which signals to Google that you might be shopping, the SERP results change to feature more sponsored results. The role of SEO.
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SEO Homepage Description. Global Website SEO. SEO Homepage Title will appear in the search results for your homepage, write a descriptive and unique page title. SEO Homepage Description, write as a normal sentence but include relevant keywords, it is best to keep this to 160 characters long, an example: Jane Dovercourt is a Toronto-based portrait and editorial photographer. With 15 years of portrait and editorial photography, Jane has never missed a beat. SEO Site Title will appear in all search results on the right side. SEO Complete for this page. Save Changes and scroll down for more. Scroll down further. Content SEO area will show incomplete. Tap' '' Improve Your SEO Content' '' this will allow you to see all pages and add individual SEO Page Titles and SEO Page Descriptions for each page in your site. Scroll down for SEO Sitemap link see separate help article here for more info.

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